By Timothy Feist

Skolt Saami is an japanese Saami language in the Uralic relatives. This grammar offers an outline of the phonology, morphology and syntax of Skolt Saami, paying specific recognition to its hugely complicated morphophonological and inflectional platforms. perception into the constitution of Skolt Saami discourse is supplied by way of 4 glossed texts. This grammar will function a massive instrument for theoretical linguists and typologists in addition to source for the language group and others attracted to Saami languages.

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Fi/saami [accessed 3-Nov-2009]. 30 The geographical relation of Skolt Saami to the other Saami languages is shown in Illustration 4. As will be evident from this map, the majority of the Skolt Saami homeland is on the Kola Peninsula, with only a small proportion on the Finnish side of the border, where it overlaps with the region inhabited by the Inari Saami. 3. 5 P REVIOUS RESEARCH The last century has seen a growing amount of research carried out on the Skolt Saami language, although up until now no comprehensive grammatical description of the language has ever been written.

Naturally, those speakers who are not proficient in the use of the orthography find it much easier to attempt reading in Skolt Saami than they do writing. 1 THE CHARACTERS Presented below in Table 1 are the official characters of the Skolt Saami alphabet, given in the alphabetical order which has been agreed upon for Skolt Saami,14 together with the corresponding IPA symbol. The IPA vowel symbols are based on the closest cardinal vowel, and are not precise phonetic representations. Where a single grapheme is used for two different sounds then both IPA symbols are given.

2 C ONSONANTS Table 3 presents the consonant phonemes of Skolt Saami using the International Phonetic Alphabet [IPA]. Bilabial Plosive Nasal p Labiodental Dental Alveolar b t m alveolar d Palatal Velar c n Trill Fricative Post- ɟ k ɲ ɡ ŋ r f v ð Affricate s z ʃ ʒ t͡s d͡z t͡ʃ d͡ʒ Approximant Lateral ʝ j l x ɣ w ʎ Table 3. Skolt Saami phoneme inventory Throughout this grammar the official orthography is used, except where the IPA is necessary to clarify a point. About half of the phonemes presented in Table 3 50 employ the same character as that seen in the IPA, while a number of these phonemes are represented by distinct characters in the official orthography, as presented in Table 4.

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