By Vladimir E. Orel

The articles are really fascinating, however the booklet is a bit of marred by way of forty eight misprinted pages within the s phrases.

One wishes the pdf to right this..

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V - Slavianskoe iazykoznanie. V Mezhdunarodnyi s”ezd slavistov. Moskva: Izdatel’stvo AN SSSR, 1963. Slav. jaz. VIII - Slavianskoe iazykoznanie. VIII Mezhdunarodnyi s”ezd slavistov. Moskva: Nauka, 1978. Slav. jaz. IX - Slavianskoe iazykoznanie. IX Mezhdunarodnyi s”ezd slavistov. Moskva: Nauka, 1983. Slav. jaz. XI - Slavianskoe iazykoznanie. XI Mezhdunarodnyi s”ezd slavistov. Moskva: Nauka, 1993. Slavia - Slavia. Praha, 1922–. Slavica - Slavica. Debrecen, 1961–. S„ SEP - S„, F.

Related to *axjanan. Structurally close to Skt neut. á≤ana- ‘meal’. T-F 8; P I 18; C SGGJa I 106; V ANEW 3. : ON ‡gr ‘kind of fish, carp’. Derivationally close to OIr aicher ‘sharp’, Lith e“er‹s, dial. a“er‹s ‘perch’, Latv asars, asaris id. (M KZ XXIV 466). Further related to IE *a˚- ‘sharp’. TF 23; T BSW 14; P I 20; F 125. , OHG egidehsa id. Compound consisting of *a wi- (from *og⁄hi-, cf. , K apud Z Gutt. 99) and *þaxsjòn derived from *þexsanan.

Goth afar ‘after’, ON afar‘very’ (in compounds), OHG avur ‘again’. Related to Skt ápara- ‘posterior, later’, Av aparò id. Cf. *aba. B 76–77; T-F 15; F 3–4; M I 38; P I 54; C SGGJa I 107; V ANEW 2; L GED 2–3. : Goth afara ‘descendant’, OE eafora ‘heir, offspring, successor, son’, OS avaro ‘descendant’. Derived from *afar£ (F 4). T-F 15; H AEEW 83; T JEGP XLVII 180 (to *abòn); V ANEW 2 (to ON afr ‘buttermilk’); S Studien 164; L GED 3.

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