By John Burdon Sanderson Haldane

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Selection therefore proceeds much as according to equation 72 of Part I. (b) Stable equilibrium, 0 > 2K+ k', 2k + k' > 2K. 2K-2k-k' • • 3 niOS ^ {) n /ti»\ 2k-4>K} + l (2Eun+k'un-2K+ 2k+k'\ O0 0 g (2-2) ) where u0 5 ux according as un 5 vm. The results of Robertson (3) suggest that milk-yield in cattle depends on one or more sex-linked factors which act most effectively when heterozygous, besides autosomal factors. If so human effort in this case has given K a negative value, while k and k' are nearly zero.

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