By António J. M. Castro

Most of the examine efforts facing airline scheduling were performed on off-line plan optimization. besides the fact that, these days, with the more and more complicated and large site visitors at airports, the genuine problem is tips to react to unforeseen occasions which may reason plan-disruptions, resulting in flight delays.

Moreover those disruptive occasions frequently have an effect on at the least 3 assorted dimensions of the placement: the plane assigned to the flight, the group project and infrequently forgotten, the passengers’ trip and satisfaction.

This publication contains solutions to this problem and proposes using the Multi-agent approach paradigm to quickly compose a multi-faceted strategy to the disruptive occasion bearing in mind attainable personal tastes of these 3 key points of the problem.

Negotiation protocols happening among brokers which are specialists in fixing the several challenge dimensions, mixture of alternative application features and never less significant, the inclusion of the human within the computerized decision-making loop make MASDIMA, the procedure defined during this publication, compatible for real-life plan-disruption administration applications.

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It is not our intention to provide a full description of such subjects but only the necessary information for the reader to understand these scientific topics and the rationale that made us to use them. 1 Introduction To perform our research work we have been inspired by paradigms, concepts and techniques borrowed from several fields of knowledge, such as, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Economics and Computer Science broadly speaking. Namely, we use ideas and concepts out of the following scientific topics: Automated Negotiation, Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), Problem Solving Algorithms (PSA) and Reinforcement Learning (RL).

A Domain Language is necessary so that the agents are able to refer and understand the concepts of the domain, different kind of messages, temporal concepts and, of course, the objects of negotiation. This includes description of the attributes under negotiation as well as the constants that represent the negotiation attributes’ value and any other needed descriptor symbols. Efforts have been made to provide standard domain languages that can be used by agents in heterogeneous environments . For example, DML-DARPA Agent Markup Language (Hendler & McGuiness, 2000) and W3C Web Ontology Language (OWL) (McGuiness & van Harmelen, 2003).

Then, we give details about the airline operations control center (AOCC) organization, and we describe the typical problems affecting the airline operations as well as the current disruption management process adopted by the airlines and the costs involved. This chapter is of utmost importance for the reader to understand the problem we want to solve and, as such, to understand the design choices that are behind what we propose in Chapter 5. • Chapter 5 - The System Design: It is the first of two chapters that presents our new approach for disruption management in the airline domain, including how we represent the AOCC using a Multi-Agent System (MAS), a computational organization of intelligent agents and the negotiation protocol with adaptive characteristics that we use as a decision mechanism.

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