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We have to decide how "wrong" they arc, 1 hat i�. we have to define error. Thi� definition of error i::. important because in all scaling proced­ ure� it determines the criteria by which the scalability of a �el is judged. luch of the confusion and many of the diiTicultics that have often hindered a clear a\\C�smcnt of the many criteria of scalability that have been put forward. ight into the concept of error. a'> we hope to demonstrate. In fact. the early standard works on the subject do not give an unambiguou� definition of error.

Thm for an imperfect pattern gives a lower bound for the total number of error�.

I. I. I}. and pallern 9. {0. 0. 0. 0, 0, 0}. We have to change more than three "crror"-iterm to convert this pattern into any one of the other po-,sible perfect respon'e pallern.... , therefore the minimum number of "crror"-itcm ... : possible perfect re'>pon<,c patterns. Here the related perfect pallern is not the one predicted by the principle of reproducibility from the ... core, but another perfect pallern leading to fewer errors. 2 that this approach led to the fallaciou<> procedure of allocating a new score on the basis of the pattern which mo�l closely re'>embled it.

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