By Irving Cohen

Examines the profile of the addict, the character of habit, and explains the curler coaster syndrome which can catch blameless humans. Too many of us have suffered needlessly at the curler coaster of habit. Dr. Cohen is familiar with that habit is a strong capture and hopes that individuals will realize that addicts are neither vulnerable nor undesirable humans. they're simply those who underestimated the risk they have been dealing with.

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Fear, shame and confusion caused by these problems can equally sabotage the recovery of both men and women. Fear aroused by sexual issues should not prevent anyone from progressing in their recovery. Family and friends need to know that patience, honesty and understanding will go a long way in helping but further help from a professional sources may be needed. We will see how Jim relapsed from an otherwise good recovery program because he had nowhere to discuss a common male fear. Chapter Ten, "Finding Recovery," is the instruction manual for anyone wishing to find recovery or help a loved one.

She has never used a needle and syringe to inject herself with drugs. She is a middle-class widow in her late sixties-a grandmotherly womanwho slowly realized that she was "hooked" and was asking for help. " Page 4 As I listened to Alice talk, my frustration mounted. I was angry because I knew the difficulty that she would soon face. She thought that she was suffering from an addiction. And, she was right. Yet, none of the drug addiction treatment programs that were available locally were appropriate for her.

Obligingly, his prescription was increased. Page 12 Once in a while, a doctor balked. Some expressed concern and tried to limit his narcotic dose. This seemed unfair to Jim; but, he had been around the system enough to know how to work it. He could get the medication he wanted by changing his clinic visits to another day of the week, by showing up as an emergency patient at night, by claiming he had lost his medication, or simply by being belligerent. Jim was a legitimate patient. He was a veteran who had served his country in wartime.

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