By V.I. Feodosiev, Sergey A. Voronov, Sergey V. Yaresko

This e-book is a suite of difficulties for complex scholars within the zone of energy of fabrics. It attracts the reader?s cognizance additionally to difficulties which are usually missed and solutions questions which are a long way past a coaching path and require extra primary figuring out. All difficulties are supplied with distinct strategies to allow the reader to both find out about the problem-solving strategy or simply to ascertain his/her personal manner of resolution. The study and academic paintings of V.I. Feodosiev used to be conducted within the Bauman Moscow nation technical collage the place he held the path on power of fabrics for fifty years. Deep perception into engineering difficulties, clearness of suggestions and style of options observed via pedagogical expertise are the most good points of his type.

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98 Fig. 99 109. A shaped plate is fastened and loaded as shown in Fig. 99. Determine the critical force for the plate in two cases: 1) force is directed downward; 2) force is directed upward. The bending rigidity of the middle part is equal to the sum of the outer parts’ rigidities. 42 4. Stability Part I. Problems 110. A long bolt is inserted with clearance into a tube (Fig. 100). Fig. 100 Determine the bolt tightening force P under which the system will loose its stability. The tube has such dimensions that it must be analyzed as a long rod, but not as a shell.

66. Derive bending moment and slope of the beam at the i-th support. Fig. 66 70. Solve the previous problem in case of a …nite number n of supports (Fig. 67). Fig. 67 71. Disclose static indeterminacy of the system shown in Fig. 68 applying displacement equations. Under loading of the frame by force P , point A slides with friction along the rigid horizontal plane. The friction factor is f . The ‡exural rigidity of each frame segment is equal to EJ . Fig. 68 2. Cross-Section Geometry Characteristics: Bending Part I.

If the cylinder were tensed only, then stress ¾ max would take place in points B (Fig. 93b) and would be equal to 3¾. What is ¾ max when torques M and forces P act simultaneously? What point will this stress occur in? Only local stress reference data should be used for solution. 100. A straight beam of circular cross-section is twisted by two moments M . Plastic deformations occur in the beam under this loading. How can the relationship between torque moment M and twist angle µ be determined if the tension diagram of the material ¾ = f (") is given?

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