By L. McKenzie

In contemporary years, there was a frequent fascination with age-dissimilar, heterosexual romantic relationships. This curiosity isn't really new - a majority of these were featured in Western media for many years, even centuries - but qualitative examine into such relationships has been limited.

This ebook examines how the romantic relationships of age-dissimilar are understood. in accordance with a variety of interviews, McKenzie argues that ancient shifts towards higher own autonomy in companion choice, inside relationships, and in marriage and courting dissolution were vastly overstated. via her specialize in age-dissimilar undefined, whose expanding incidence have usually been obvious to be a part of this shift, she means that those relationships are an road during which shared cultural understandings of relatedness, in addition to individualism, should be additional analysed. McKenzie argues for an method that emphasises cultural continuity, and which bills for complexity and contradiction in how age-dissimilar relationships and romantic love are understood.

Examining key problems with kinship, growing older and emotion, Age-Dissimilar and Romantic Relationships will attract students of Cultural and Social Anthropology, relations reports and Sociology.

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2009; Wardlow & Hirsch 2006). Alongside these changes there emerged a greater economic independence from family (Engels 1972). In effect, this removed the economic advantages previously associated with having children, something that is likely to have influenced the aforementioned decline in fertility (Beck & Beck-Gernsheim 1995). Cultural changes that have been documented included a decline in religious control, and an increase in the power and status of females (argued to have been brought about by higher geographic mobility and financial independence) (Amato et al.

Travel, physical displacement, and dwelling in a place other than home have been seen as central to the experience of fieldwork (Clifford 1997). However, such distinctions between home and field are not clear in my own research. Not only did I conduct my fieldwork in the city in which I reside, I also conducted some interviews at the university that I attend as well as in my own home. A number of the people I interviewed were known to me personally, or were recruited through my social network. There were certain advantages associated with this familiarity, given that I went into ‘the field’ with some prior understanding of romantic love in an Australian context.

In doing so, I focus not only on the perspectives of those in such relationships, but on the views other people have on these couples. Through this analysis, I hope to contribute to the small field of qualitative studies focusing on conceptions of age-dissimilar partnerships, particularly those that are romantic in nature. In the following chapter, I provide an overview of prior research into age-dissimilar and romantic relationships, and further outline the theories and concepts that will form the basis of my discussion.

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