By Jon Rappoport

I first realized that there have been many hugely credentialled scientific researchers hard the HIV=AIDS speculation in 1988, and i've been heavily following the controversy ever considering that. Jon's publication covers intimately the whole saga of the debate, and with out the contrived hypothesis of conspiracists, truly finds an exceptional modern day business scandal. even supposing the publication used to be released over 15 years in the past, its contents are as exact at the present time as they have been while it used to be written. an individual who's keen on any method with HIV/AIDS should still learn this ebook.

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Q: Certainly if what you say is true, Robert Gallo and others know it too. I mean, if it's ordinary information that any biologist would know... A: You have to be at NIH to see how they think. They're very, very concerned with the next research step. The step that comes after what they've just discovered. You could -39- AIDS INC. Copyright 1988 Jon Rappoport remind them that the kind of virus they're studying, HIV, just doesn't really qualify to cause a disease like AIDS, and they would understand what you were saying, and they might even agree with you, as far as general principles were concerned.

All the funding went that way. It's also the attraction of the quick-fix, the quick cure. " Or no sex outside of marriage. That sort of agenda. There really is now such a thing as the AIDS-establishment. It is a group which receives virtually all the grant money, it sits on important boards (such as the fund raising organization, Americans for AIDS Research). There is definitely a group, and sadly, it's not the best talent. Q: Did it ever seem to you that some researchers had malicious intent? A: Toward who?

And I think the (HIV) virus is really well known. There isn't a single secret in the genome (genetic structure). No new gene waiting there to come out. There's hard evidence that says HIV only behaves in a particular way. Like every other retrovirus, extremely la tent, extremely inactive... not killing the human cell in which it's expressing (its) genes. HIV is in people with symptoms, and in people without symptoms. If there is a secret site where it really is replicating, it seems to me one should have been able to detect that by now, with the kind of scrutiny that has gone on.

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