By Peter Swirski

Via a dialogue of various artwork and media corresponding to apocalyptic thrillers, rap, and tv, Swirski debunks the yank political method, sieving out truth from a sea of bipartisan untruths. enticing with shut research and a number of case reports, this e-book forges a extra exact photograph of up to date American tradition and of the United States itself.

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Indeed, American foreign policy, as triangulated by the White House, the Pentagon, and the Bechtel/Boeing/Halliburton/Chevron/Lockheed Martin lobby, demonstrably has led to higher instability in the world. There is no need to rehash the awful truth of the United States arming and financing militant Islamists like Osama bin Laden and militant secularists like Saddam Hussein all through the 1980s. 20 Heller quips in Picture This that, since the renaming of the Department of War to the Department of Defense in 1947, America was never again in danger of war.

Even slavery was outlawed in the United Netherlands, although slave trading was not, so that capacious Dutch flutes continued the lucrative business of running blacks from West Africa to the Americas. When it comes to making money, nothing can compare to the Dutch East India Company, a name synonymous with corporate capitalism. As Heller notes, founded in 1602, it promptly secured a monopoly charter for all the seas and lands east of the Cape of Good Hope, in no time controlling world trade in commodities from spices to textiles.

Its bottom line? ” What Heller did not say is that, contrary to what most Americans believe, even under the untrammelled defense budgets of Bush II and Obama, the self-appointed Globocop does not enjoy undisputed supremacy in firepower. Putin’s Russia has the regularly upgraded ICBMs. China has its own nukes, not to mention a colossal army and navy (the latter beefed up recently with its first refurbished Russian carrier). Iran has domestic-made missiles and, down the road, fission devices. North Korea has both.

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