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The Jewish People” under a new form. The Bund gave pride of place to “the Jewish People” in the sense of the Jewish proletariat, with cultural autonomy coming second. The Reform and Conservative Movements put “the Jewish People” first, but also stressed “the God and Torah of Israel” as they chose to understand this notion.

Recognition of the existence of “mysteries,” the power of the letter (the name of God), and the existence of angels. 6. The principle of God as the Creator. 7. Man as the sole purpose of the Creation, subject to Divine Providence. 8. The concept of “Torah” as including both the written and the oral law. 9. Prophecy as a warning that the nation is not righteous. 10. The principle of the Jews as the Chosen People, signifying that they await redemption and return to the Holy Land. * Following Urbach (1971) Bible.

Although this may represent an essentially marginal issue, it relates directly to the problem of defining the nature of the social limits of Judaism and the distinction between those who “belong” and those who do not. This inevitably also entails the question of how a non-Jew can become a Jew, that is, the criteria for inclusion in, and exclusion from, the Jewish collective. ” Nevertheless, the connection between these two questions is not unmediated, unidirectional, or unequivocal. As we shall learn, in practice, inclusion and exclusion are associated not only with ideology and culture, but also with historical circumstances, political challenges, and other interests.

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