By Etienne Emmrich, Petra Wittbold

This article encompasses a sequence of self-contained stories at the state-of-the-art in numerous parts of partial differential equations, awarded by way of French mathematicians. subject matters contain qualitative homes of reaction-diffusion equations, multiscale tools coupling atomistic and continuum mechanics, adaptive semi-Lagrangian schemes for the Vlasov-Poisson equation, and coupling of scalar conservation legislation.

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Stability to the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations

This thesis comprises result of Dr. Guilong Gui in the course of his PhD interval with the purpose to appreciate incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. it really is dedicated to the examine of the steadiness to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. there's nice power for additional theoretical and numerical examine during this box.

The Global Nonlinear Stability of the Minkowski Space

The purpose of this paintings is to supply an evidence of the nonlinear gravitational balance of the Minkowski space-time. extra accurately, the booklet bargains a optimistic facts of worldwide, gentle suggestions to the Einstein Vacuum Equations, which glance, within the huge, just like the Minkowski space-time. particularly, those strategies are freed from black holes and singularities.

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This ebook offers a entire advent to the mathematical method of parameter continuation, the computational research of households of options to nonlinear mathematical equations. It develops a scientific formalism for developing summary representations of continuation difficulties and for imposing those in an current computational platform.

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Kruzhkov, the existence and uniqueness of an admissible generalized solution, in the sense of the new definition, was proved. Let us now give the aforementioned definition. One of the widest spaces of functions in which generalized solutions of our problem can be searched is the space of bounded measurable functions u = u(t, x) defined in the strip ΠT = [0, T ) × Rx . 11. , b ∀ [a, b] ⊂ R, |u(t, x) − u0 (x)| dx = 0. 12. 3). Proof. 1). It follows that for 7 NT — The western literature refers to “Kruzhkov entropy solutions” or merely to “entropy solutions”.

1) irreversible. The readers who sometimes spend vacations at the sea are probably acquainted with this phenomenon. Near the shore, if the sea is calm and the waves are temperate, the sea temperature near the surface is almost the same as the air temperature above. When the wind becomes stronger, waves become foamy, turbulent structures occur; these “broken waves” can be seen as shock waves on the sea surface. In this case, after some time, one can observe that the temperature of the surface layer of the sea has become higher than the air temperature.

39), we obtain the inequality 2 (k − u+ ) cos(ν, t) + (f (k ) − f (u+ )) cos(ν, x) + (u+ − u− ) cos(ν, t) + (f (u+) − f (u− )) cos(ν, x) = 2 (k − u+ ) cos(ν, t) + (f (k ) − f (u+ )) cos(ν, x) 0, which holds for all k ∈ (u+ , u− ). 22). 30) can be derived from the vanishing viscosity approach. 40) and the initial datum u(0, x) = u0 (x). 40) by ′ E (u). 41) since E ′′ (u) 0 and ε > 0. 11 and integrate it over ΠT . Using the integrationby-parts formula, we transfer all the derivatives to the test function ϕ: u − ΠT f ′ (ξ )E ′ (ξ ) dξ dx dt ϕt E (u) + ϕx k ε ΠT ϕxx E (u) dx dt 49 The Kruzhkov lectures Passing to the limit as ε → +0, we get u ΠT f ′ (ξ )E ′ (ξ ) dξ dx dt ϕt E (u) + ϕx 0.

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