By L. C. Biedenharn

This article develops the idea of angular momentum from the point of view of a primary symmetry in nature and exhibits how this idea pertains to utilized components of study in smooth quantum physics.

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10(b) is given by the onset of condition h^ (TjQ > 1 — n. This is to be compared with x(T) = *(r) = " - ' + " » < [ > for J.. , h^{V) > \. It turns out to be easier to obtain reliable estimates for n^{T) than for ftoo(T). The former has been computed by the following two methods. When at least one plane contains gas only, ng = 1 — h^ follows simply by dividing the number of particles in that plane by its number of sites, L^ x L^. , L^) is the local width of the liquid strip. The estimate is less accurate when segregation occurs in both planes of Aoo; for example, it may be difficult to determine the precise spatial extension of each phase due to interface roughness.

It induces changes from • • • 10 • • • to • • • 01 • • • for deposits, and from •01••• to • • • 10 • • • for evaporations. 2) for the one-dimensional DLG. ) The density n is related to the inclination of the surface, which is expected to attain a steady value. 3). This corresponds to a system that exchanges matter as 16 2 Driven lattice gases: simulations 00001110001000111101001101110011 t 00001110001000111101001101101011 Fig. 1. Packing of discs in a section of the free surface in a hexagonal crystal.

Natural to use an approach which works well in equilibrium, and try the power law behavior (from below). 13) as I * ~~ With this aim, one may plot lnm versus In \T — T™\, and try to identify a value of TQ which yields a linear region. If this is possible, the slope near TQ corresponds to /?. , looking also for straight lines. The latter procedure has the advantage that no guess for T^ that might introduce further errors is involved. 13) for /? 3, apparently excluding both the familiar 2 — d Ising value of /?

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