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Stability to the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations

This thesis includes result of Dr. Guilong Gui in the course of his PhD interval with the purpose to appreciate incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. it truly is dedicated to the learn of the soundness to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. there's nice capability for additional theoretical and numerical study during this box.

The Global Nonlinear Stability of the Minkowski Space

The purpose of this paintings is to supply an evidence of the nonlinear gravitational balance of the Minkowski space-time. extra accurately, the publication bargains a confident evidence of worldwide, gentle strategies to the Einstein Vacuum Equations, which glance, within the huge, just like the Minkowski space-time. specifically, those suggestions are freed from black holes and singularities.

Recipes for Continuation

This ebook offers a finished advent to the mathematical technique of parameter continuation, the computational research of households of ideas to nonlinear mathematical equations. It develops a scientific formalism for developing summary representations of continuation difficulties and for enforcing those in an present computational platform.

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G ≥ 0) the mapping β → ξn (β, l) is monotonically decreasing for any fixed numbers l and n, with strict monotonicity if l ≥ 0 and n ≥ 1 since g(0) = 1. e. ξn ( 23 , l) < − α1 . 1) In order to see this, note that ξ0 (β, l) is always smaller than 3, such that ξ0 (β, l) − xα ≤ 2 − √2α . 7) and g(0) = 1 we obtain ξ1 ( 32 , l) = F (ξ0 (β, l)) − 3 2 · g(0) ≤ xα + 2− √2α √ 2 α − 3 2 = √3 α − 1 α − 1 2 . 2) the right side is smaller than − α1 , and as T1 × [−3, − α1 ) is always mapped into itself this proves our claim.

Furthermore, no other invariant graph can intersect N . (i) On the one hand, there obviously exist three invariant graphs at β = 0, namely the constant lines corresponding to the three fixed points. As these are not neutral, they will also persist for small values of β. On the other hand consider β = C. As we assumed that g takes the maximum value of 1 at least for one θ0 ∈ T1 , the point (θ0 , C) is mapped into M . ) But as we have seen, any point in M is attracted to ϕ− independent of β. Thus there exists an orbit which starts above the upper bounding graph and ends up converging to ϕ− .

However, as treating them with the methods presented here would even need some additional modifications, we refrain from doing so. For the case of the qpf Arnold circle map, the situation is completely different. Here it is just not possible to apply our results. 7) is chosen, the maximal expansion rate is always at most two. Further, for any interval of fixed length the uniform contraction rate also remains bounded. Although the derivative goes to zero at θ = 12 if α is close to 1, a strong contraction only takes place locally.

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