By Grigori Volovik

Physicists are thinking about at the risk of simulating black holes within the laboratory through quite a few ''analog models''. those analog versions, mostly in keeping with condensed subject physics, can be utilized to assist us comprehend normal relativity (Einstein’s gravity); conversely, summary innovations built ordinarily relativity can occasionally be used to assist us comprehend sure features of condensed subject physics. This e-book comprises thirteen chapters — written by means of specialists often relativity, particle physics, and condensed topic physics — that discover a number of facets of this two-way site visitors.

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B 482 (2000) 134 [gr-qc/0005049]. [14] C. Barcelo, S. Liberati, and M. Visser, "Birefringence versus bimetricity". Contribution to the Festschrift in honour of Professor Mario Novello; gr-qc/0204017. [15] L. J. Garay, J. R. Anglin, J. I. Cirac and P. Zoller, "Black holes in Bose-Einstein condensates", Phys. Rev. Lett. 85 (2000) 4643 (2000) [gr-qc/0002015]. [16] H. Bondi, "On spherically symmetric accretion", Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 112 (1952) 195-204. [17] E. N. Parker, "Dynamical properties of stellar coronas and stellar winds V.

It is simply too difficult to do experiments with general relativity, and any realistic (or even vaguely plausible) hope of doing experiments on Hawking radiation is extremely exciting. 26) That is, a position-dependent speed of sound, or a non-trivial ergoregion, greatly complicates life. 28) "^ Near the horizon, the spectrum is almost exactly thermal. As the phonons move away from the event horizon they are to some extent back-scattered by the acoustic metric. Exactly the same phenomenon occurs in general relativity and is the origin of the famous grey-body factors — even for a Schwarzschild black hole the emission spectrum is not exactly Planckian.

1 Ingredients The basic idea is to consider a non-relativistic, irrotational, barotropic fluid. The fluid should be irrotational since in this case the velocity is completely specified by a scalar field, which does not have to be single-valued: V x » = 0; => v = Vxp. 29) Introduction 16 and survey Thus there is hope that the sound waves, which we shall soon see are merely linearized fluctuations in the velocity field, can also be described by a scalar field. There is of course nothing physically wrong with non-scalar sound (vector sound) but the equations then become so unmanageable as to be completely unwieldy.

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